Planning for visitation transportation is an important piece to any custody agreement. Setting out visitation transportation terms can avoid disputes and confusion down the road.

Transporting Children For Visitation — Items To Address

When providing for transportation, you must think about how exchanges will take place. You should not only plan for your current situation, but you must think about long-term scenarios.

Elements that should be addressed in a parenting plan include:

  • The days and times of the exchanges should be explicitly specified.
  • Whether it's the start or end of a visitation period, parents should have children ready for their visit and be on time.
  • Provide for where the transfer for visitation will happen. Most often it's the children's home, but other locations are possible, such as the other parent's home, the children's school and in some high-conflict cases police stations or courthouses.
  • State which parent is to provide transportation and at whose cost.
  • When a parent lives in a distant location, it is vital to provide for visitation transportation. Also, address when children will be allowed to fly alone, what supervision is required and who will pay the costs.

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