What’s A Court Docket And How Do They Work?

What Is A Court Docket in Divorce & Family Law Cases?

If you are going through a divorce or are involved in another family law matter such as a child custody proceeding or support modification, you will find yourself on a docket. What does this mean? If you're unsure you're far from alone.

In general, a docket is where there are multiple cases set at the exact same time, and the cases could involve a wide range of issues. Cases could be on a docket in order to obtain a simple status update, set for pre-trial or settlement conference, trial or anywhere in between.

For people faced with family law matters, the primary concern is determining where your case is on the docket. Are you 1st or 50th? The answer can go a long way toward determining how long you are waiting for the next step or the resolution of your case. In some situations, the docket could be comprised of hundreds of cases.

This can be a rude awakening for many parties going through a divorce or family law matter. They often envision being the only case on the judge's docket. The often think that they judge has always carefully reviewed their file and is keenly aware of all the issues in their case.

The truth, however, is that the family court system is often extremely backed up. To get the case before judge can involve a lot of waiting in court. It is often necessary as well for the parties to inform the court about the facts and details of the case. This is particularly true for the initial court dates in the case.

In many courts, the court's docket is posted online. Many parties can check in advance where there case is at on the docket. In many courtrooms, the docket is printed and posted somewhere inside or outside the courtroom. Parties can often check it to see where there case is on the docket.

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