Child Support Concerns for Missouri Reserve and National Guard Soldiers

Due to the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, many Missouri Reserve and National Guard soldiers have been leaving their homes and families to serve. Included in this group are soldiers who are receiving or who have been ordered to pay child support. Being called to active duty may necessitate a modification to the Missouri child support payments such service members receive or provide.


As a result of a deployment, a custodial or noncustodial parent may experience a change in their income which may impact the determination of child support amounts. Those who have been called to active duty for over 30 days may request a modification of their current child support obligations based on their new income. Such an income change qualifies as a substantial change in circumstances for purposes of reviewing the child support order.

Income Withholding

If you have an obligation to repay past-due child support, you may also request that Missouri Child Support Enforcement ( CSE) adjust the amount being withheld based on your new income and circumstances.

Medical Assistance

If you need to provide medical coverage for your child you have the ability to request that the military aid you in enrolling your child in the appropriate health care plan.

Deployment overseas can be a difficult situation on its own, but the added responsibilities involving children can cause further stress. If you are a military member who has been called to active duty and have child support concerns, consider contacting a Missouri child support attorney to advise you of your options and assist you with the modification process.