The Risks Of Bringing Friends Or Family Into An Initial Consultation

Nothing in life is without risk and divorce is no exception.

During a stressful time it's understandable that people want the support of friends and family members who they have relied on throughout the course of their life. This often leads to men or women bringing friends or family to their initial consultation with a divorce lawyer.

While friends and family often mean well in such situations, there are issues that need to be considered. First of all, it could be argued that by bringing someone into the consultation, attorney-client privilege is being waived.

Another potential issue is that the allegiances of friends or family during a divorce can change, allowing them to potentially weaponize any information you've trusted them with to help your spouse turn the tables.

Once you understand the risks you may still decide that you'd prefer to have a friend or loved one with you in the room for your initial consultation. However, as a general rule, going into the room with your lawyer alone is a lot safer from a legal standpoint.

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