As breadwinning moms increase so do dads seeking spousal support

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As breadwinning moms increase so do dads seeking spousal support

Women are the sole or primary breadwinners in 4 out of 10 households with children, according to a 2013 report by the Pew Research Center. This has happened by choice, by chance, or by need per a new survey of 2,000 working moms and dads conducted by Working Mother Media.

These moms and dads speak out about how they feel about their roles.

The ‘pleased’ vs. ‘reluctant’ breadwinning mom

Breadwinning moms who didn’t choose to be the primary earners in their families tend to feel less satisfied about their lives than women who consciously selected the role:

29% of the moms said they became breadwinners by choice;

71% fell into the role by circumstance, chance or luck;

Whereas, 59% of breadwinning dads said they chose the role.


Child care

89% of the “pleased” moms were satisfied with how much their spouse or partner took care of the children;


58% for the “reluctant” breadwinners.

Household chores

75% of “pleased” breadwinning moms were satisfied with how chores were divided;


48% for the “reluctant” breadwinners.

Satisfaction with family life

76% of men were happy with the division of household responsibilities;


60% of women, and 71%

85% of men were happy with how the child care is being handled, versus of women.

The thing both breadwinning moms and dads agreed on was how expectations about family roles still need to change, with 74% of breadwinning moms and 72% of dads saying society remains more comfortable with men as the primary earners.

However, in the article, More men get alimony from their ex-wives, a rise in men asking ex-wives for spousal support is also increasing as more women become breadwinners. Although up-to-date numbers are unclear, according to 2010 Census records, of the 400,000 people receiving spousal support, only 3 percent were men. Fast forward to 2013, when the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers surveyed its 1,600 members and found that 47 percent had noticed an increase in the number of women who are paying alimony.

As women increasingly become chief breadwinners, and with the ascent of stay-at-home fathers, the number of men seeking alimony from their ex-wives is expected to rise as social mores change.

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