For the Love of Sports, Know When to Compromise

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For the Love of Sports, Know When to Compromise

Compromises are part of any relationship, but compromises over sports is one of the hardest to make. Here are three ways to successfully find a give-and-take in the most common sports-related scenarios.

Riot over the Remote

couple with remoteYou want to watch the big game but she wants to watch The Bachelor. The fight over the remote has been an ongoing battle since the advent of the television.

Ladies, you may feel like he’s not reading your cues; so fellas, listen up! When the game is on, listen to what she’s saying. Is she’s talking about her day at work, her friends, family, or anything other than the game? If so, according to The Dig, she’s not into the game.

What should you do? Stand your ground, of course. Just because she’s not fully invested in the game doesn’t mean you have to switch over to Lifetime or E! After all, you’ve spent hours watching Real Housewives and TMZ. Just make sure that afterwards you watch a show or movie that she likes, even if it is a rom-com or reality show.

Game Day Dilemma

You have season tickets for all of your favorite teams. On game day you spend the entire day tailgating, drinking beer, grilling, and talking smack to the opposing team’s fans. You religiously follow draft picks, stats, facts, standings, and sports news. Most of your t-shirts have a sports team logo plastered on the front. You’re the ultimate sports fan. But maybe, your partner just isn’t as big of a fan as you are.

Consider this: Your spouse was given two tickets to her favorite play. The show is on the same night as your favorite team’s playoff game but it’s the only chance to go. She asked you to join her but you haven’t committed yet. You’ve both been to all of the home games, but this one is different—it is a playoff game. If you say no, you run the risk of hurting her feelings and starting a conflict. What do you do? Do you sell your tickets to a friend and go to the play with your spouse? Or do you go to the game as usual and tell your spouse to take a friend?

Making compromises is part of any healthy relationship. Psychology Today cites that small compromises are natural and often unavoidable. If your partner is constantly making excessive comprises to meet your wants and needs, like going to every home game, for example, it’s important that you reciprocate to keep the relationship going in a healthy direction. Make the compromise; your relationship will thank you.

Workout Rumble

From beer leagues and sports clubs to timed marathons and fitness trends like CrossFit, if it’s competitive, you’re all in. But, let’s say your partner isn’t the most active type. Should you push your partner to go to the gym with you? This is a slippery slope. If you want to get your partner to exercise with you, you have to approach the subject carefully to ensure that you don’t send the wrong message. If she’s a novice, don’t suggest that she sign up for a marathon. And don’t mention weight. Approach the subject kindly, and start small by suggesting workouts that don’t seem so intense, such as hiking a local park, taking a brisk walk along the beach, or cycling around the neighborhood. Men’s Health suggests letting her lead the way. Follow her cues and let her be in charge, this way the activity is more enjoyable for her.


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