The Holidays Are Over, Amen: Now It’s Time to Rejuvenate

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The Holidays Are Over, Amen: Now It’s Time to Rejuvenate


You’ve earned a break. After the shopping and celebrating whirlwind that is Christmas, you probably ran yourself ragged preparing for the New Year. Not only is your wallet a little fatigued, but your body and mind likely are as well. Set a healthy, relaxed tone for 2015 and treat your body and spirit to some TLC.

Spend Time De-Stressing

If you share custody of your kids, you have a little built-in time to yourself. When your little ones are at your ex’s, don’t spend all your time catching up on laundry and completing household tasks. Take advantage of the peace and quiet to rebuild yourself, too.

Consider splurging on an activity that will recharge your batteries. Look into a website like Groupon to find some discounted massage services. Try a nearby hiking trail or dip your toes into a yoga practice. The mindfulness of yoga can do wonders for a tired spirit, and if you try a variety like Bikram Yoga, you’ll also get the benefits of detoxing through a major sweat session.

Another good idea is to try some meditation techniques in a hot tub or bath after a long day. Do 10 minutes of deep breathing and let the hot water soothe your muscles and mind. However you choose to unwind doesn’t matter as much as being intentional and following through.

Keeping the Kids Happy

Of course you love having your kids around—but it can also be exhausting. Consider playing board games with your kids. Not only are they a fun alternative to staring at devices, but they also can be educational, and you don’t need to have a ton of energy to actively participate. Your kids will enjoy having your presence, and you’ll treasure some quality time with them. Not sure what board games will appeal to your young ones? This article from The Artful Parent will help whittle down your choices.

Make Meals Easy

Meals can be a huge drain on your time and energy levels. You dread the hassle of going grocery shopping and cooking, but you don’t want to eat a lot of unhealthy processed food either. Look into joining a service like eMeals, which gives you weekly recipes based on your specified dietary wishes along with a customized, corresponding grocery list. If this still seems like too much work, research the various meal delivery services in your area. Many companies offer prepared, healthy meals at a low cost that can be delivered directly to your doorstep. Even if you simply have three meals a week covered this way, you’ll get a little free time back and know you’re making good nutrition decisions without much effort.

Start making 2015 the year of peace and rejuvenation. Take time to be gentle and kind to your body and mind, find calm and helpful activities in which your kids can engage with you and make good nutrition attainable. You’ll start noticing a difference in your mindset and overall health, which is sure to impact your children and all areas of your life in positive ways.


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