5 Things Single Parents Can Do to Boost Home Security

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5 Things Single Parents Can Do to Boost Home Security

As a single parent, you probably feel like you weigh the entire world on your shoulders at times. Playing the dual roles of mom and dad, you are the sole breadwinner for your family, as well as the main homework helper, chauffeur, referee, and household nurse. You may feel especially vulnerable at night when you are home alone with your kids. Every neighborhood noise somehow seems scarier and you may feel concerned for your safety and that of your kids.Fortunately, there are several tangible steps that you can take to help boost the security of your home as well as your sense of well-being.

Install a home security system

securityOne of the best ways to keep your home and its precious occupants and belongings safe is to install a home security system. A security system can be constantly on guard 24/7/365 and will automatically alert the police if someone tries to break in—either while you are home or away.

The Lorex Technology HD security surveillance camera system is a great option; instead of grainy footage, this innovative system produces crystal-clear images. When installed around windows and doors, the high-definition system from Lorex will clearly “see” who might be lurking around; the footage can be then used by the police to help capture the bad guys.

Sleep with a mobile phone by your bed

Keep your smartphone on your nightstand and be sure it is fully charged. This way, if you hear an odd noise or need to call for help for any reason, you don’t have to stumble around in the dark to find a phone and call 911.

Consider getting a dog—or at least a Beware of dog sign

If you and your kids love dogs and you are ready and willing to welcome one into your family, they can be a great deterrent to crime. While any type of dog can discourage a burglar from trying to break in, smaller breeds that love to bark non-stop might be your best bet. Bad guys tend to choose homes that seem easiest to burglarize and if they have a choice of a quiet home and one with a yapping dog inside, chances are good they will pick the silent house every time.

Even if you do not own a dog, you might consider putting a “Beware of Dog” sign in your front yard or near your front door; even if the criminals don’t hear barking, they may feel threatened enough to leave your property.

Be careful what you post

You probably warn your kids to be careful what they post on social media, and as a single parent, you should be cautious too. As tempting as it may be to talk about your upcoming vacation plans or post photos of the nice new bicycles you bought for yourself and your kids, you never know who will end up seeing your posts and will be tempted to break in.

Trim your landscaping

Those large bushes and trees that help to keep your home shaded and cool might also help to hide a burglar. Keep the landscaping trimmed and don’t let it grow up and over your windows. Not only will overgrown shrubs and trees hide bad guys who want to break in; but sometimes criminals will watch a property for a while to check the habits of the occupants and you don’t want to provide them with a shrouded place to hang out.


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