How to Teach Your Children the Value of Organization

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How to Teach Your Children the Value of Organization

Want your children to develop important organizational skills in their formative years? You can aid in the development of this skill set through a slew of home management and cleaning tasks. Give your children increased responsibilities around the house, like small chores that contribute toward your home’s overall composition and structure. Organizational skills are beneficial for a tidy space, but also for the cognitive development of your children. Here are some benefits of orderliness and tips for how you can help your children develop strong, organizational habits:

Know the Importance of Organization

It’s vital your children learn the practice of cleanliness and organization at an early age. This skill will ensure your household stays orderly and also provide them with habits that will help them later on in life. The organization is key for children because it provides a system of expectations and creates a routine. The essential practice of organization will improve their cognitive functions and benefit their learning.

Kids with strong organizational skills can easily follow directions and complete the necessary steps to finish projects. They can also prioritize academic tasks and keep on track with their workload more efficiently.

From a pedagogic standpoint, organization is imperative for reading, as it aids in the management and recognition of patterns. Specifically, children must learn how they can connect the phonetic properties of letters with the symbols. If they can file away the rules and properties of reading through the subconscious mental organization, they will excel in their literacy and writing.

Keep a Tight Schedule

Help your kids develop a habit of home management through a solid scheduling system. This can be achieved by giving them a list of chores they should complete every week which can be broken into daily tasks.

Sit down with your children to explain your expectations and ask for their input. Determine what kind of frequency they prefer and negotiate a system that will work best for everyone. In addition, give them tasks that aren’t overwhelming and are appropriate for their age. If you have a younger child, for example, assign chores that are small and only deal with his or her room. As your children become teenagers, they can assist with chores that help maintain the function of the entire household.

Purchase a dry-erase board that you can keep in a visible area of the home and which can serve as a weekly calendar of cleaning tasks that can be checked off when completed.

Make It Fun

childrenIf your children have a say in the process of organization and the upkeep of the house, they will be more engaged and dedicated to their tasks. Help them develop pride in their space and let them design their room. Let them pick out their preferred room decor and create their imagined layout for the space.

As they embark on their interior design shopping spree, make sure you provide them with a shopping list. Include organizational fixtures and storage, which will house their toys and other odds and ends. For older kids, make sure they choose furniture and accessories for a homework space within their room.


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