Will a divorce fix everything?

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Will a divorce fix everything?

Marriage Ending in a Divorce

Unfortunately, in many marriages, things don’t always work out perfectly. Sometimes there’s a lot of fighting and bickering which raises tension levels to the extreme. In marriages with children, the children can feel as if they are in the middle of a bad situation between their parents which could cause them any physical trauma.

The thought process of many is that when things get this bad, it is often better to separate or get a divorce. They think that by separating and divorcing, they can then go their separate ways and each live their own lives, while giving their children the best life possible as well. But, obviously, every family situation is different. For this reason, no rule can be drawn in terms of what is best for every marriage that is out there. What you can do, dependent on your own personal situation is ask questions and do your own research that way you can gain your own perspective on separation and divorce to better help decide if that’s truly what’s best for you.

But in other instances, some parties’ opinions and thoughts about their marriage clash too much and create such a negative impact that the best decision is to be apart. There can also be so much fighting and bickering, that one could reasonably believe that separating and divorcing is for the best in terms of giving the children and the parties’ peace. Nobody wants to live in an environment where there is constant fighting.

Will a Divorce Make it Stop?

So, you have to ask yourself; will a divorce make it better? By making it better, will there be more peace? Will there be less fighting? Will the children be put in the middle less?

In some cases, this might be true. However, in some cases, you cannot assume it turns out like this all the time. In some cases, the parties will still have to communicate about the children. There will also still be exchanges between the parents for visitation. There might also be events that both parties need to attend, like doctor appointments, parent-teacher conference and activities where the parties will at least need to be civil.

The reality is that in the midst of a divorce, or even after a divorce, the divorce won’t necessarily fix everything. In some cases, the parents will still need to co-parent, but now the might like each other less than they did before the divorce (even with their differences).

For this reason, before any party decides to go forward with a divorce, they want to think long and hard about this decision first. Every situation and every case is different. Rarely, can universal lines be drawn. Have you thought about considering divorce counseling? It might not help everyone, but it could help some.

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