Mediation As An Amicable Process of Divorce

The stereotypical view of divorce is one of opposing parties pulling out all of the stops to help ensure that their side "wins." While traditional divorce litigation can be emotionally contentious and stressful, there are other options available to couples who are willing to work with one another to help reach an agreement that they can both live with. Mediation is one such alternative to a court-ordered divorce agreement.

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Helping You and Your Ex Reach an Agreement Voluntarily

Mediation is good alternative for couples who are still on speaking terms who may otherwise be seeking an uncontested divorce. The cooperative nature of this process starts from the beginning with the choosing of a qualified mediator. Oftentimes, you and your ex will work together to find a mediator who is right for you. There are mediators with special certifications and qualifications from which you may choose. Our lawyers can provide you with more information about this process.

The mediator will work with both of you to help you reach an agreement. He or she can help you explore your options and help you see things from each other's point of view. You can choose to meet with your mediator jointly or in a private session without having your ex present.

Because mediation does not involve protracted courtroom litigation, it is often a less expensive option than traditional divorce proceedings. However, because any agreement that is entered into is legally binding, it is still wise to have legal counsel on your side to ensure that your interests remain protected throughout the process.

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