Collecting Back Child Support

Child support is an important matter in many divorce cases and it can be extremely challenging when one party is failing to pay their child support to the other party. We know how frustrating it can be trying to collect child support, as it can take away from time with your child and cause an unnecessary hassle.

Failing to pay child support can be a never-ending cycle for some parties. In situations where this is the case, our attorneys can help you bring the case in front of a judge who will review the case. In most cases, unpaid child support can have serious consequences for thr owing parent, such as being held in contempt, wage garnishments, hefty fines and even jail time.

At Stange Law Firm, PC, we have helped many parties seek enforcement of orders, including back child support payments and the sooner you get legal help, the sooner the issue can be resolved.

Child Support Modification in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, or Oklahoma

At Stange Law Firm, PC, we also understand that financial situations can change due to loss of a job, decrease in pay or an unexpected illness. This may cause some parties to fall behind on child support payments. We can also help parties seek a child support modification to avoid some of the consequences that come along with not paying child support.

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