Modification of Child Support

Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma child support is designed to meet the needs of the child. Those needs include but are not limited to food, shelter, clothing, health care and education.

If the child's needs change, or if a parent's financial situation changes, the amount of child support may need to be modified. In such cases, the existing child support order may be amended either by a mutual agreement between the two parties or by a court order

When to Seek Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, or Oklahoma Child Support Modification

Child support modification can take place any time after a temporary court order, marital settlement agreement, or divorce judgment is executed. If you need to modify your child support order, you may choose to either increase or decrease the amount of child support. While there are many reasons a couple may wish to modify their child support order, some of the most common reasons for child support modifications are:

  • Changes in income — post-judgment modifications of Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma child support often occur when one parent's income significantly increases enough to warrant an adjustment.
  • Increases in need — if the child's needs have changed (such as a when a child enters day care), a parent may seek to modify the existing child support agreement.

Exceptional Legal Representation

Our family lawyers can help you petition the court for a modification of your child support order. When you choose Stange Law Firm, PC, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best legal representation for all of your child support circumstances, including:

  • An increase in the child support amount
  • A decrease to your current payment obligation
  • Termination of child support obligations due to a child's emancipation
  • And more

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