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St. Charles, Missouri Child Support Attorneys

In St. Charles, trust the experienced child support attorneys at Stange Law Firm, PC for legal guidance in child support matters. Our law firm handles initial determinations of child support as well as motions to modify and contempt actions involving child support. Whatever your legal need involving child support, we can help you.

At Stange Law Firm, PC, we ensure that child support is determined in a fair and appropriate manner by ensuring that courts look at the visitation credit, the cost of health care and daycare and by ensuring income numbers on the Form 14 are accurate. Schedule a confidential half-hour consultation by calling our St. Charles office at 636-940-5900.

Many of our attorneys have received awards and accolades for family law, as noted in their biographies on our webpage. We have attorneys who were named "Rising Stars" by Missouri and Kansas Super Lawyer Magazine. Founding Partners, Kirk Stange and Paola Stange are among the list of attorneys who received this award. John Kershman, Partner, is Lead Counsel Rated for Family Law and Divorce.

Determining Child Support in St. Charles, Missouri

Child support in Missouri is calculated by statutory guidelines. The guidelines will consider elements that are involved in raising a child — work-related child care costs and health insurance costs. For example, as well as the gross income of each parent, the number of overnights, child support paid to children from a previous marriage or relationship, along with other factors. You can view the Missouri child support calculator to learn more and calculate an estimated amount.

St. Charles County Child Support Modification and Support Enforcement Lawyer

Our St. Charles child support lawyers also handle changes in circumstances after the entry in an original child support order. These changes, if substantial and continual, can often be significant enough to justify a modification.

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If you live in St. Charles and need assistance with a child maintenance matter, and are trying to find a child support attorney to hire, call our St. Charles law firm at 636-940-5900 to schedule a confidential half-hour (30-minute) consultation. You can also contact us online.

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