Parental Abduction

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Parental rights and responsibilities do not end at the water's edge. In cases involving parental abduction, you may be able to recover or defend your rights using domestic and international law.

Such cases are not always easy to resolve, and reaching an outcome can take many weeks, months or years. The skilled lawyers at Stange Law Firm, PC, will organize resources, develop legal arguments and supporting evidence and argue your case vigorously in an effort to achieve your goals.

Helping Clients with International Parental Abduction

In these types of cases, various items are important:

  • Locating your child - We will put the highest priority on locating your child when this is an issue. An experienced professional investigator can assist in this effort.
  • Resolving the jurisdiction question - We will look at the Hague Convention and ensure that persuasive arguments to U.S. courts regarding jurisdictional questions.
  • Developing evidence to support your case - Once jurisdiction has been established, we have experience and a record of success in a wide range of contested child custody matters. We work with psychologists and child development specialists who can provide persuasive evidence in support of your case.
  • Vigorous representation at all stages of the process - Cases involving parental kidnapping may be resolved through negotiation or mediation, but more likely assertive litigation will be required. We will work vigorously to locate your child and assert your custody or visitation rights.

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