Business Executives and Professionals

When you are a professional, such as a business executive, you potentially have a lot at stake when going through a divorce property settlement because of your higher net worth and compensation packages. A majority of the time, the overall compensation package includes equities in the company, deferred compensation, and pension funds.

Business Executives and Complex Assets

The main factor here is that parties usually litigate over whether or not these compensation packages, investments and savings are separate or marital property. On one hand, sometimes your earnings and value of your company stock may be characterized as separate property; if you show that your spouse had no influence on the acquisition of the appreciation in value. On the other hand, if your spouse did have an influence on the growth and the appreciation of value in your earnings, it can be considered marital property. There are a lot of factors that go into to figuring out what is separate property and what is marital property. The attorneys at Stange Law Firm, PC have experience working in cases involving high financials and make sure your assets are separated fairly in the settlement process.

When going through the divorce process and meeting with your attorney, it is very important to have true and accurate valuations of your assets and your earnings. This can help your attorney give you the best possible outcome in your case. We, at Stange Law Firm, PC, know how important your future and financial security is to you and that's why we are here to help.

We represent business executives and professionals involved in high asset divorce cases involving:

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