Can I Afford to Get a Divorce With a Large Sum of Assets?

"I'd like to get divorced, but I have too many properties. I'll lose them all to my ex-wife." We frequently hear comments like these from people who believe that they have too much to lose to divorce. They stay in marriages in which they are unhappy — sometimes for years — to avoid damage to their assets.

The reality is that many people can afford to get divorced — even if they have complex or sophisticated assets. At Stange Law Firm, PC, we represent clients in high-asset divorces and are well equipped to protect their interests.

When we take your divorce case, our goal is to put you in the strongest financial position possible at the time of your divorce. We do this by calling upon a reliable network of forensic accountants, financial analysts, business valuation specialists and others who can provide testimony in support of your case.

Our attorneys focus exclusively on Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma family law, giving us an in-depth perspective on the law. Our attorneys at our firm have received lots of awards.

Of course, the best way to avoid a problematic divorce is to be proactive. If you have extensive or complex assets, a prenuptial agreement may help protect them. It may also be helpful to put those assets in a trust. Seek out a lawyer as early as possible for a confidential consultation about protecting your interests.

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If you are considering a divorce but are unsure of the financial implications, talking to an attorney can help protect your interests. Many people put themselves in a good position through divorce financial planning before ever taking action. They document their personal property, like valuable art collections, cars and real property (real estate) they own.

We understand how stressful a divorce can be if you have high-assets. We have written articles about the topic for you to read: What to expect in a high-asset or complex Missouri divorce and Missouri divorce: Dividing large assets requires proper planning.

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