Hidden Assets

It is more common than you might think: spouses appear to be doing well during a marriage. They have a profitable small business and, while only one spouse handles the financial information, there is never a shortage. It is only after a spouse files for divorce, that the other claims the business was losing money. It is then up to the other spouse to locate the money that should be there — these "hidden assets."

Hidden assets are often an issue in complex and high-asset divorces. When spouses suspect or accuse each other of hidden assets, the lawyers at Stange Law Firm, PC, have the resources and connections necessary to effectively handle matters.

Serving clients throughout Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma, we believe in taking bold action when necessary to achieve the best possible results. While it is impossible to predict the future, we work hard to discover the truth in divorce matters, protecting our clients' interests and handling matters effectively. Our team of enthusiastic attorneys will prepare your case completely and will fight hard so that your voice is heard in court.

Experience has taught us that finding hidden property can be challenging. To do so, we involve accountants and conduct thorough investigations that protect our clients' interests. These highly-regarded professionals review tax documents and other financial records to locate hidden assets or to exonerate our clients, depending on the situation.

Hiding assets during a divorce is both illegal and unethical. Spouses should know that they face harsh penalties for being caught. These include having 100 percent of the hidden assets given to the injured party, if those assets are located.

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