Survivor Benefit Plan

In a military divorce, it is essential to address a survivor benefit plan (SBP). Along with military retired pay, the SBP is a valuable asset that is accumulated in a military marriage. Survivor benefit plans can seem confusing to both service members and ex-spouses of service members. Our military divorce lawyers can help you understand your rights and options and walk you through any complexities.

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Survivor Benefit Plans Go Into Effect After Military Retirement Pay Ends

The non-military spouse should inform the military spouse of their interest in the SBP. The SBP is an annuity that provides financial security for dependents when the service member dies — at which point retired pay stops. In addition to a widow or widower, beneficiaries can include surviving dependent children and former spouses.

In addition to SBP, our lawyers handle military retirement pay in accordance with the 10/10 rule. Per the 10/10 rule, a service member's retirement pay can be divided and distributed during military divorce proceedings if the parties have been married 10 years or longer and if the service member performed 10 years of military service during that time.

Survivor benefit plans and military retired pay are both important and essential elements to consider in a military divorce. If you are concerned about your rights after divorce, we would be honored to serve you. Stange Law Firm, PC takes cases from those in the military, including Scott Air Force Base in St. Clair County, Illinois, and Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

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