Understanding a Missouri collaborative divorce

Understanding a Missouri collaborative divorce

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Divorce/Separation on Friday, January 24, 2020.

While there might be a perception that all divorces are contentious with the parties squabbling or outright fighting over every aspect of the case, there are some situations where there is relative stability and the couple can negotiate and agree on many issues. This can be useful to expedite the process and keep it civil or even friendly. A collaborative divorce seeks common ground so the case can be settled with as little rancor as possible. The sides will discuss the facts of the case and find areas where they can agree. A key to a collaborative divorce is to have legal advice.

In a collaborative divorce, it can be especially beneficial for child-related issues. Custody, visitation and support are often the foundation for disagreement. If the people can look at the child’s best interests and see things from the perspective of the other side, it can be useful to settle the case amicably. It can also be an effective method to address property disputes, spousal support and more. Rather than go to court in a contested divorce or even an uncontested divorce, the sides will meet and express their goals and desires. If there is common ground, a settlement is possible.

Collaborative divorce has certain rules the sides must follow. There must be a disclosure of documents about the facts in the case. Each side must respect the other and not engage in personal attacks. Children must be insulated so they will be impacted as little as possible. When experts are brought in, the costs must be shared and it should be a cooperative situation. The sides should come up with solutions that benefit both. And the parties agree not to go to court. Once it is determined that court will be necessary, the entire process starts over again.

There are many aspects of a collaborative divorce that can be beneficial if the circumstances warrant it. It can be a cost-efficient way to settle the divorce and complete the process faster than a court case. When thinking about a collaborative divorce, it is wise to have legal assistance. A law firm that handles all types of divorce cases and other areas of family law may be able to help.

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