7 Reasons You Need Representation from a Family Law Attorney for Divorce

7 Reasons You Need Representation from a Family Law Attorney for Divorce

A divorce can be a very difficult situation for everyone involved. Attempting to navigate divorce proceedings without legal representation is usually a bad idea, no matter how straightforward the details may seem at first. If you’re bracing for divorce proceedings in the Midwest, no matter how the issue came about, it’s essential to find legal representation as quickly as possible so you can approach the matter with confidence.Many people make the mistake of thinking they can handle self-representation for a divorce, but this is sadly not the case. The court system is extraordinarily complex. Having a family law attorney guide you through the divorce process is tremendously helpful for several reasons.

Meet Your Court Deadlines

The family court system requires filing all kinds of paperwork at the right places at the right time. Missing any filing deadlines or failing to arrive on time for a necessary appointment can damage your position in a divorce case. The average person with no legal representation could miss an important deadline that significantly weakens their bargaining position in a divorce case.

If you want to move your divorce case forward, you’re going to need to provide the court with lots of different forms and documents, and you’ll also need to make all of your required appointments and appearances on time. Your legal team will handle scheduling, and your attorney will know the local court system on a deep level, allowing you to meet all required court dates and filing deadlines easily and efficiently.

Improve Your Negotiating Position

Divorce cases typically entail lots of negotiation, not all of which will be amicable or pleasant. Unless you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are on very agreeable terms, share minimal community property, and have no children, your divorce negotiations could get messy very quickly, especially if you go into these negotiations without legal representation.

If there is any potential for your divorce negotiations to turn sour, it’s essential to have an attorney who can ensure you get a fair say during these proceedings. Your attorney will help you build a strong case that forms your bargaining position when it comes to property division, alimony or spousal support, and child custody.

An Objective, Professional Perspective

Divorce is often a difficult and emotional experience. It can be very challenging for an individual to maintain a realistic and logical perspective of the situation while experiencing the wide range of emotions that divorce can make manifest. An experienced family law attorney can become a port in this storm and act as much of a mediator and guide as an advocate.

Attorneys complete professional training to approach cases objectively. Your attorney will likely notice things you may miss, helping you reach a better result in your divorce than you could have managed otherwise. For example, you may feel tempted to agree to an early settlement offer just to have it done and over with, but your attorney’s objective viewpoint will allow them to see the bigger picture and advise you to wait for a more reasonable decision.

Access to Professional Experts

If your divorce is extremely complex, your legal team may need to work with various professional experts to weigh in on different aspects of your case. For example, if you have a high net worth divorce and need to conduct extensive financial research, you will need to work with financial investigators, professional accountants, stockbrokers, and other financial professionals to gather the evidence you need for your divorce proceedings.

An experienced family law attorney will have a developed network of professional contacts. This makes it much easier to bring necessary experts on board with your case, providing invaluable professional interpretations of the facts that will support your case in the negotiations to follow.

Knowledge of the Court System

If you were to attempt to represent your own interests in a divorce case, you would be essentially flying blind when it comes to navigating your local court system, dealing with your ex’s legal team, and managing your case before a judge. Hiring an experienced divorce attorney means having an advocate on your side who knows the local judges, the local courthouse, and they may have even dealt with your ex’s attorney in the past. You can approach the entire situation with greater confidence knowing your attorney and legal team will handle all of the court’s red tape on your behalf.

Easier Access to Alternative Resolutions

The divorce process can be incredibly draining on your emotions, your energy, and your bank account. Seeing a divorce through the entire court process is incredibly taxing, and your legal team will be there to support you every step of the way. However, one of the best aspects of hiring a divorce attorney to handle your case is the fact that they may be able to identify the potential for alternative dispute resolution.

If your attorney recognizes any room for mediation or collaborative family law proceedings to reach a satisfactory conclusion with your divorce case, you can potentially save loads of time, money, and energy while reaching the most positive possible result with your case. Your attorney will have the experience to recognize these opportunities and hasten your divorce proceedings responsibly.

You Can Have Peace of Mind

Ultimately, one of the best benefits of hiring a family law attorney to represent your interests in a divorce is the fact that you will be able to trust your legal issues to capable hands, leaving you free to focus on more important things like getting your life back to a sense of normalcy after the end of your marriage, caring for your children, and keeping on track with your career.

Legal issues like divorces are incredibly time consuming, and your legal team will take a great deal of stress off your plate. Your lawyer will also provide peace of mind by reassuring you that your case is in experienced, capable hands.

Divorce is more often than not a messy experience for everyone involved. It can be emotionally taxing, financially draining, and ultimately amount to one of the worst experiences of one’s life. Hiring an experienced family law attorney can alleviate the pressure divorce can cause and ultimately help you increase the chances of reaching a fair and reasonable divorce agreement in your case.

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