Child custody battles are often highly emotional and stressful situations that are difficult to deal with. They can possibly drag on for years and can have lifelong effects on families. As a Tulsa custody attorney, Stange Law Firm is ready and able to assist you in this highly sensitive matter. Our Tulsa family law attorneys are qualified and experienced in helping families resolve their custody battles in a manner that is in the best interest of the child.

In a custody battle, an important factor to understand is that a judge will ultimately decide who is awarded custody and will make that determination based on evidence presented in the case. It is important that one presents as strong of a case as possible before the judge. There are certain things that one should say and certain things that one should refrain from saying. Provided below are some tips on things that should and should not be said during a custody battle.

What not to say during custody battle?

Things to Avoid Saying

It is generally advisable that one refrains from talking negatively about the co-parent or opposition in the custody battle. One should generally avoid bringing up petty arguments, complaints, or rants about previous behavior that the co-parent demonstrated. Remember that the judge will be observant of how cooperative you appear with the co-parent. It is the child’s interest that matters in this case, and the judge wants a productive co-parenting relationship for the child.

However, it should be noted that any issues involving illegal, violent, or abusive behavior are often of valid concern. Substance abuse issues would also constitute a legitimate concern. It is not wrong to bring these issues up, but they often are discovered on their own throughout the custody battle process. A qualified custody lawyer can advise you on appropriate things to say while engaged in a custody battle.

It is also important to watch your tone when speaking. Custody battles can be highly intense and highly emotional. Emotional maturity is another factor that the judge will consider. Making comments in a derogatory, sarcastic, or frustrating tone is a negative action you want to avoid during your case.

Helpful Tips

It is helpful to demonstrate cooperation with the co-parent. This approach can help your case in the long run. This often shows the judge that you are willing to look out for the child’s well-being and put the child’s interest ahead of your own. More often than not, the judge wants the child to be a part of a productive co-parent relationship. Demonstrating cooperation can entail being flexible with the co-parent and understanding the co-parent’s schedule.

An experienced custody lawyer can help you navigate the proper things to say and things that should not be said while in a custody battle. It is important that you have someone to counsel you along the way to help you reach a positive outcome for your case. More importantly, it is always helpful to feel like you have someone who is on your side and looking out for your interests. Stange Law Firm can be that voice for you.


Q: Who Wins Most Child Custody Cases?

A: Child custody cases have historically leaned more towards women being awarded custody of the child. While each child custody case is unique and should be treated as such, the prevailing notion historically has been that the mother is often better suited to ensure the child’s emotional needs are met. However, current custody laws do not favor the mother or father, and the best interests of the child will always be sought in every case.

Q: How Do You Deal With a Nasty Custody Battle?

A: Important things to consider when engaged in a custody battle are to be prepared, be cooperative, and acquire a custody lawyer. Being prepared can give one the upper hand in a custody battle. Whether it is learning about custody laws in your place of residence or gathering the necessary and supporting documentation, preparation can be key.

Also, demonstrating that you are cooperative can look favorable in the eyes of a judge. An experienced custody attorney can help you through the custody battle process.

Q: How Long Do Most Custody Battles Last?

A: Each and every custody battle is different and contains different dynamics. Generally speaking, a custody battle can be resolved in as early as 30 days, or a custody battle can drag on for several years. Some custody battles can be very expensive, depending on the complexity of the case and how long it takes to resolve. It is important to consider that the most important factor is that the child’s interests are met, no matter how long the case takes.

Q: Who Are the Best Witnesses For a Custody Case?

A: Some examples of witnesses that can be called in for a child custody case include the child’s school teachers, medical doctors or physicians, social workers, counselors, religious leaders, or sports coaches/trainers. Anyone who has an intimate connection with the child or who can make an accurate assessment of the child’s character could be relied upon as a witness. In most cases, the witness should be able to recount some first-hand events or knowledge that are relevant to the case.

Attentive Representation for You and Your Family

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