Bank Statements in Divorce

During a divorce, courts may look at a lot of information and evidence in order to ensure that people receive a just result when the divorce is finalized. Bank statements often become an important piece of information to look at.In some cases, courts may order that the parties voluntarily exchange bank statements. In other cases, the parties may agree to exchange them by consent. There are other cases where the parties may issue requests for production upon each other to produce the bank statements.Some parties going through a divorce may have joint bank accounts, while other parties may have had


7 Steps to Earn Financial Freedom

Do you have a financial plan? How about a budget? Do you continually invest in your own savings account? If your answer is no to any or all of the questions above, don’t panic. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average American puts less than 5 percent into his or her savings, and many Americans don’t have a savings account at all. If you’re battling overwhelming debt, struggling to control your spending, or just don’t know where to begin, there is a road map to financial freedom. Just follow these steps. Create a Budget You can’t save or


Protecting Your Finances and Credit During a Missouri Divorce

Concerns over finances are often a root cause of marital discord. When you combine financial worries with a divorce, it can be a recipe for heartaches as well as headaches. Joint finances can be unwound, but there are certain important steps to take to protect your financial future during a contested Missouri divorce.Take an honest look at your financial picture. Before making any decisions about your finances in the initial stages of your divorce, you have to have a clear understanding of your complete financial circumstances. Itemize all of your accounts, including: Bank accounts – checking and savings Investment accounts


Financial habits between married and divorced people and how they differ

Personal financial habits factor into the viability of long-term relationships. A recent survey conducted by Credit.com survey, Marriage, Divorce & Credit, asked 1,061 consumers, about half married and half divorced, questions about their relationships and finances. The survey respondents had different financial, employment, racial and educational backgrounds, although the report was qualified as not necessarily representative of the US population as a whole. However, some interesting concepts and differences about marriage, divorce and money stood out. Teamwork… Only 5% of divorced respondents said that money was the sole reason they got divorced, but 51% said that financial differences contributed to


Looking for a Financial Planner? Consider This…

Choosing a financial planner is an important step in taking charge of your finances and planning for the future. Building a comprehensive financial plan is an essential part of ensuring your fiscal stability, but many Americans fail to do it. Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards’ Household Financial Planning Survey found that only a little more than a third of the fiscal decision makers in American homes have created a comprehensive financial plan, and only 35 percent have planned for an emergency. If you have decided to take control of your finances, here’s a look at what you should look


Prenuptial Agreements Line by Line

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