Private School Education and Child Support

How Does Private School Education and Child Support Work?

A child's educational need is an important factor when determining child support. Some children require special attention in the educational system and each parent must play a role in supporting those needs.

Still, a simple preference that one parent may have for pursuing private school education does not mean the child requires that specialized schooling. It is best to negotiate a favorable plan for both parents when determining private school education and child support payments. Some cases, however, cannot be resolved through amicable proceedings.

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Is Private School Tuition A Necessary Expense?

The court will use necessity as a reason to force a parent to pay child support for private school education. A parent must demonstrate the needs the child has, how the private school meets those needs over other types of school and any limitations the child would face by not attending private school.

The child may have already been enrolled in private school prior to divorce, but the cost of divorce and income limitations post-divorce may make it difficult to sustain that type of education. The child may suffer greater trauma by being forced to start a new school or may struggle in the environment provided by other schools.

These cases are unique to each family and must be analyzed with close attention to each family's needs. Let our team of lawyers help you through this difficult time so your child has a bright future and you have a stable financial outlook. We are here to help.

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