Contested Divorce

It is not unusual for one spouse to want a divorce while the other wants to stay married. It is also not unusual for spouses to fight over the terms of their divorces, going to court over issues like child custody and visitation or property division.

In these cases, the divorces are considered to be contested divorces. They are divorces where couples are unable to come to an agreement, and the litigation process often takes longer to conclude. These couples often go before the court to hear a final decision on the issues they were not able to negotiate themselves.

Resources, Knowledge and Experience for Contested Divorce

At Stange Law Firm, PC, we have the resources, knowledge and experience to guide our clients through contested divorces. Our attorneys have handled numerous family law trials, so we know what to anticipate. This knowledge helps us proactively avoid problems for our clients.

When a contested divorce case goes to trial, we use an official checklist to make sure that every aspect has been covered. We handle every matter with close attention to detail, from initial pleadings and answers, through discovery and at trial. We take the time to review all documents, to create lists of questions (called interrogatories) and to conduct depositions. We also often partner with experienced experts — vocational experts, psychologists and accountants who help us gain perspective on all divorce issues.

This hard-working approach helps us prepare for trial. Interestingly, the more we prepare, the more likely the case is to settle because other attorneys know that we are ready to win in the courtroom. However, if there is a trial, we will be prepared to obtain a positive outcome. If there is an appeal, our firm also represents clients throughout the appeal process.

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