Private Investigators for Divorce and Family Law

While many seek an amicable resolution to their divorce, through a negotiated settlement or collaborative divorce or mediation , the reality is that many cases cannot settle. For whatever reason, the parties are just not able to reach a comprehensive settlement on all issues related to their divorce or family law case.

This results in many cases being litigated in court. Obtaining a positive outcome requires that evidence be presented in court through the presentation of admissible evidence and by witness testimony. The use of private investigators can be key in helping to bring forward such evidence and witnesses.

In divorce and family law cases, divorce attorneys often employ to private investigators to:

Private investigators are trained to help discover the truth and can immensely valuable. If you are in need of a private investigator, Stange Law Firm, PC can help. We can help you locate an investigator who is experienced, reputable and can assist you in your case.

If you employ an investigator who does not have a rapport and working relationship with your attorney, you may end up losing valuable time and money. Worse case, it can also result in irrelevant evidence or inadmissible being obtained.  This is why it is imperative that you hire a divorce or family law attorney who can get you to a private investigator that can assist.

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