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The legal landscape of America changed significantly in July 2015. The United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in a landmark decision. Prior to this, each individual state had determined this issue on the state governmental level. Many states had already started to legalize same-sex marriage, including Illinois. Other states did not or provided other options such as domestic partnerships. Fortunately, the country has now been directed by the highest of our courts toward a unified stance toward marriage equality.

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If you have entered into a same-sex marriage, and the relationship breaks down, you may be left wondering how to dissolve your marriage and defend your rights at the same time.

Throughout the country, parties dissolving a same-sex marriage are entitled to the same protections and benefits as parties dissolving a traditional marriage. Dissolution of a same-sex marriage can raise many issues, including:

Same-sex divorce or other family law issues are handled under the exact same laws and statutes as any other family law issue. However, there are still difficulties that a same-sex family could face, as there are still ongoing hurdles despite the Supreme Court's decision. County and local governmental agencies could still refuse to recognize a same-sex marriage or cause other unnecessary difficulties. That is why it is so important to have a compassionate and dedicated legal advocate on your side, who can enforce the law, what is right and what is now your right in this country.

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