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Divorcing couples face no official separation requirement before filing for divorce. After filing, however, they must undergo a 30-day wait period in Missouri. During this period, they must be living apart from each other. However, the court places minimal requirements on what constitutes "living apart." In fact, it is possible in certain instances for couples to live apart in the same house — as long as they live and sleep separately.

Please note the requirements in Illinois and Kansas are different than Missouri. In Illinois, parties are presumed to be irretrievably broken if the parties have been living separate and apart for six months.  In Kansas, there is a 60-day wait period after the case is filed. Where there are kids, the waiting period is 90 days in Oklahoma.

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It is often true as well that some parties choose not to get divorced when they are separated. Instead, they believe that their marriage while broken is potentially savable. Thus, they seek a legal separation instead of getting divorced to ensure that property and debt matters, child custody, child support, spousal support and other matters are resolved during the separation. Many of these individuals seek marriage counseling. In some instances, the parties then reconcile and dismiss the legal separation. In other instances, reconciliation efforts fail and the legal separation is converted into a divorce.

About Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma Separation Laws

No matter whether parties are seeking a legal separation or a divorce, a separation agreement is vital. These agreements divide property, decide child support and spousal maintenance, as well as child custody and parental contact with the children.

In a divorce after a separation agreement has been put in place, the terms of the separation agreement have a significant impact. That is why it is critical to take a separation agreement seriously. Work with an experienced law firm who knows Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, or Oklahoma separation laws.

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