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In cases where the spouses are not able to resolve their disputes without going to trial, divorce proceedings are a battle. Few people are prepared to deal with the reality of the courtroom and the fierce confrontations that often happen there. There may be no other time in the divorce process where it is more important to have an experienced lawyer who will fight to protect your interests.

At Stange Law Firm, PC, we understand the stress and anxiety you face when you decide on a divorce. Uncertainty about the future and frustration over the events that have gotten you to this point can often be too much to endure. You have our promise to be there with you at every step, advocating for your position and working diligently to secure the best available result in your case.

Once You Get Into the Courtroom

Depending on the issues that have yet to be resolved, your attorney will present your side of the argument and your spouse's attorney will present his or hers. Both you and your spouse will likely be called to testify and be cross-examined by your spouse's lawyer. Other witnesses can be called, including expert witnesses. Judges also may hear opening and closing statements in some cases. A trial can last a few hours or can last multiple days depending on the case. Once the judge has heard all the testimony and seen all the evidence, he or she will make a decision. The judgment is almost always in writing in family law cases. Either party can then appeal the judgment.

We encourage our clients to work out a reasonable solution if possible. At trial, you give up control and leave it in the judge's hands. By reaching an agreement on your own, you still might not get exactly what you hoped for, but at least you maintain control of the outcome. However, if your case goes to trial, Stange Law Firm will boldly represent your interests. If there is an appeal, we can also assist you throughout the appeal process.

If you're interested in reading more about what to expect at trial, you can read our legal summary: Settlement Negotiation, Trial Strategies, and Drafting Final Orders.

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