Name Change

If you are considering changing your name or that of a family member, the attorneys at Stange Law Firm, PC, have the legal experience that you need and deserve.

There are various reasons as to why adults choose to change their name. Our family law attorneys help make the process easier and stress-free for our clients. Here are some of the ways we can help you with your name change:

  • We can help you change your name after a divorce. This can be accomplished during the divorce process or afterwards. We understand the desire of some to restore their maiden name.
  • We can help you change your name for other reasons. Whether you are choosing to change your name because you don't like your name or you feel your current name interferes with your vocational pursuits, we can also assist. We can handle all of the legal documents and represent you in court.

If you are considering a name change for your child, we can also help you throughout the process. You can pursue a name change for a child in the following instances:

  • We can help you change your child's name during an adoption. This will allow your child to share your last name and feel more a part of your family.
  • We can also help you change your child's name through a paternity action. We understand your desire for your child to have your last name.
  • If you choose to change your child's name for personal reasons, consent is typically required by both parents. However, we can help you in such instances where this is the case.

Changing your name is an important decision. That's why we have articles available to help you through the process, such as: After the Divorce: A New Financially Sound You and Missouri Law Summary on Name Changes for Minor Children.

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