Recover from Heartbreak: 4 Tips for Self-Discovery & Moving On

In a world driven by the pursuit of happiness, many of us are also on the quest for love. A person’s love story throughout a lifetime is an odyssey of stormy waters, calm seas, exhilarating waves and beautiful horizons. However, the storms that disrupt a single expedition can have long-lasting, even damaging effects. In other words, heartbreak or breakups from one relationship can create raw vulnerability, destroyed self-esteem, fear and loneliness. Emotional recovery and repair becomes an uphill climb, similar to the theory of self-actualization by Abraham Maslow. Theory of Self-Actualization: The Pursuit of Happiness Self-actualization was developed as a


But what if I don’t want the divorce?

Sometimes in a divorce case, not everyone in the party wants it. In some instances, one party very badly wants to save their marriage. Maybe they didn’t see it coming, or maybe they saw it coming, but were convinced that it could be saved in the end. No matter the situation, it brings the question: “what is a party to do?” Do they consent to a divorce because the other spouse doesn’t want to remain married? Or do they contest the divorce as a whole and hope that the judge denies the divorce and that the spouse changes their mind?


6 Dos and Don’ts of Dating After Divorce

Starting over after a divorce is challenging, even more so when you have kids dealing with numerous emotional issues due to the circumstances. You spend hours, days and even years helping them work through the emotional pain, but what about your well-being? What do you do once you decide you’re ready to be in a new relationship? There’s no need to put your love life on the back burner until the kids are in college, you just need to follow some simple principles that will help you better navigate this time in your life and find the perfect partner. Don’t


Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce

A divorce is one of the most emotionally taxing experience that anybody will have to face. For some, it was known this was coming for a while. There might have been disagreements and disputes for a while. For others, the divorce may have come as a shock. It could be that the divorce felt like it came out of left field. No matter the situation, the divorce process is hard to endure for most. Many wonder how their marriage fell apart. Many think “what if?” as they look back on how the marriage fell apart. Some are also not sure


Logic and emotions in a divorce case

When entering a divorce, there are two emotions that come into play: logic versus emotion. When a family law case begins, there are so many emotions that the parties are experiencing. Their whole life is changing. To some individuals, they may never have seen this coming. To others, it may as well have been a long time coming. No matter what situation, it doesn’t change the dynamics. Change causes people to feel a range of emotions, like: stress, anxiety, anguish, and sadness. Some individuals may feel the whole range of emotions, while some may only be stuck on one. It


Don’t Sign Without An Attorney’s Guidance

The burden that one experiences when facing a new divorce, custody or family law case can be too much to bear for some. For some individuals, it can cause a lot of pressure and grief. The pressure and grief can cause people to make quick and impulsive decisions that they regret. In some cases, one party might be ready to move on quickly. They might have hired an attorney and filed in court a dissolution of marriage, legal separation or other family law case. They likely made the decision to get an attorney in their corner to help them get


One mom copes with divorce by writing simple hashtags

Just hours after she and her husband’s decision to separate, Denise Albert sat down at the computer and started to write about her divorce. Albert is an entrepreneur and mother of two. She co-founded the business TheMOMs.com. As a journalist and television producer, she shares the small joys that have made a huge difference in her life since the separation a few years back.Her first piece, Divorce Diaries is a blog series that basically shows other parents that it is possible to have a civil divorce for the sake of the kids. But what really helped her move on are


The important roles of financial experts in a high-asset divorce

This article looks at the important roles played by forensic accountants and valuation experts in divorce. A couple that has a large marital estate is, almost by definition, more likely to run into complex problems and challenges when they try to divide that estate during divorce. The complexity of many high-asset divorces means that there is often plenty of room for significant financial considerations to either be overlooked, misrepresented, or misunderstood. For these reasons, as Forbes points out, anybody going through a high-asset divorce should be prepared to seek the advice of financial experts, specifically valuation experts and forensic accountants,


Prenuptial Agreements Line by Line

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