Should I Text My Lawyer?

Text messages (also known as SMS, short message service) are a common way of communicating. Instead of picking up the phone or drafting an email, many like the ease and quickness of sending a text. For this reason, many clients text their lawyer in a divorce or family law matter. Text communications can be short and to the point. Clients can also attach photos and videos to texts. Because texting is so easy, many are looking to text their lawyer about their divorce or family law matter. Is texting an effective form of communication for clients going through a divorce


Body Language Matters in the Family Court

In the family court, there are a lot of moving parts. This includes worrying about the witnesses who will be called, the evidence presented, and how the judge will rule. It may involve the emotions and stress involved with having to be in court. For many, it takes a long time to get a trial or court date. Even if it is merely a motion date, or a pretrial or settlement conference, these court dates can be stressful. Stress can cause parties to become nervous, anxious, or even frustrated. These feelings can sometimes bring out bad body language in the courtroom. The


Risks Of Bringing Friends

Nothing in life is without risk and divorce is no exception. During a stressful time it’s understandable that people want the support of friends and family members who they have relied on throughout the course of their life. This often leads to men or women bringing friends or family to their initial consultation with a divorce lawyer. While friends and family often mean well in such situations, there are issues that need to be considered. First of all, it could be argued that by bringing someone into the consultation, attorney-client privilege is being waived. Another potential issue is that the


What’s A Court Docket And How Do They Work?

What Is A Court Docket in Divorce & Family Law Cases? If you are going through a divorce or are involved in another family law matter such as a child custody proceeding or support modification, you will find yourself on a docket. What does this mean? If you’re unsure you’re far from alone. In general, a docket is where there are multiple cases set at the exact same time, and the cases could involve a wide range of issues. Cases could be on a docket in order to obtain a simple status update, set for pre-trial or settlement conference, trial


Special Process Servers | Divorce and Family Law | SLF

An important first step in most divorce or family law matters is one party serves the other party the summons and initial pleadings in the case. The exception is where the non-filing party waives service and accepts the summons without being served. Service occurs when the case is filed with the court. The court then prepares a summons to go with the initial pleadings. If the parties do not request a special process server (also known as a private process server), the summons and pleadings are served by the county sheriff. The county sheriff can often effectuate service. In many


A MSA Can Help Your Divorce Go Smoothly

Divorce is emotional enough without having to sort through complex legal terms, of which there are many in common divorce proceedings. It’s easy to get confused by court terms and conditions, should your case actually go to court. But not all divorces need to get hung up in lengthy courtroom struggles. If you’ve agreed to divorce, you might consider the benefits of a marital separation agreement. Understanding the MSA document The MSA is a foundational document to establish the terms of your divorce. It helps you and your spouse identify how you’ll divide your shared property and to organize a


Prenuptial Agreements for Elderly Couples

When thinking about prenuptial agreements one commonly may envision parents urging their soon-to-be wed child not to be blinded by love, and to protect their assets with a premarital agreement. Lately, however, there has been a role reversal. The prenup has taken on a whole new meaning. Adult children, concerned about protecting their inheritance, are advocating for their elderly parents to sign premarital agreements . More than half a million seniors will marry this year. Some of these nuptials are causing concern for the bride and groom’s adult children. In some cases, a single elderly parent who marries again intends


What To Wear To Family Court

Does it matter what I wear to divorce or family court? Going to court can be an unpleasant ordeal. Clearly, an individual can be exceptionally worried about the court date itself. They may be stressed over what will happen. They may be stressed over what they might have to say or do. An apparently insignificant detail can make some individuals stress. They may worry about what they should wear to court? Further, they may wonder whether what they wear can have any kind of effect on the case itself. Different judges can have their own preferences on clothing. But it


Preparing for a court date in your case

Court Dates During a Divorce For many people the process of getting a divorce can be a very stressful experience. Having to prepare for a court case that is coming up, can sometimes just add more stress to it all. It’s vital to understand how to prepare for a court date and what to expect at trial. There are so many questions that might be running across your mind like: “What should I be expecting?” “What do I have to do?” “What kind of preparation do I need to focus on?” “How should I dress for court?” These are all



Even though most divorces “settle” and don’t end up in court, it is prudent to have an idea of what to expect should you go to court and how you should present yourself when questioned in the courtroom. In your court appearance, you will be evaluated by all in attendance including the attorneys and the judge. Your actions as well as your words will make a difference-a big difference. Below are some tips for testifying in divorce and family court. 1. TELL THE TRUTH. This is the most important commandment. If you lie, your credibility will be destroyed for your


Where Divorce Can Be Denied in Orthodox Judaism, Prenuptial Agreements May be Considered

Making the news is the issue of how to get a divorce in the Orthodox Jewish religion when it is denied by your husband. This type of religious divorce is known as a “get” or a letter dictated by the husband and written by a trained scribe giving the wife permission to end the marriage. Less religious Jews divorce with no thought to the get, but this is not the case in traditional Judaism where the husband may withhold the divorce. If the divorce is withheld, the woman is called an agunah, or “chained wife.” There were 462 cases of


Having the necessary evidence on marital property and debt

Marital Property and Debt During a Divorce When parties get divorced, they generally have to report to the court all the marital property and debt that they have. Depending on location and jurisdiction, the format of these terms differs. This is why it is vital to speak with an attorney about the particular details that may occur during your case. The problem is that a lot of parties think that listing all their marital property and debt is enough and that nothing else needs to be done. But in most instances, the best thing to do is get supporting documents


Prenuptial Agreements Line by Line

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