Should I Text My Lawyer?

Text messages (also known as SMS, short message service) are a common way of communicating. Instead of picking up the phone or drafting an email, many like the ease and quickness of sending a text. For this reason, many clients text their lawyer in a divorce or family law matter. Text communications can be short and to the point. Clients can also attach photos and videos to texts. Because texting is so easy, many are looking to text their lawyer about their divorce or family law matter. Is texting an effective form of communication for clients going through a divorce


Body Language Matters in the Family Court

In the family court, there are a lot of moving parts. This includes worrying about the witnesses who will be called, the evidence presented, and how the judge will rule. It may involve the emotions and stress involved with having to be in court. For many, it takes a long time to get a trial or court date. Even if it is merely a motion date, or a pretrial or settlement conference, these court dates can be stressful. Stress can cause parties to become nervous, anxious, or even frustrated. These feelings can sometimes bring out bad body language in the courtroom. The


Staying calm when reading court documents

Are legal pleadings filed by the other side upsetting you? When a divorce or family law case begins, it usually starts with the filing of the initial pleadings, including a petition or motion. After the petition or motion is served, the other party files with the court an answer or response to the initial pleadings. A counter-petition can often be submitted to the court as well. Certainly, the preciseness of the pleadings can vary by state and county. Regardless, where pleadings are filed and served, the other party often reads all the language in the initial pleadings. For those who


Can character witnesses be needed in family law issues?

Expert witnesses are very important in a family law issue or a divorce case. Naturally, this lead to a discussion about character witnesses. Do character witnesses help in a divorce? Child custody? Family Law matter? Or the question arises, “do they even make a difference?” These are all very important questions in need of a discussion. Parties often come to their divorce and/or family law attorney with the proposal that they call character witnesses. Typically, the most common character witnessed that are presented by a party are friends and family members. Parties often think it might be helpful to have


American courts & their use of foreign law in family law cases

“The benefits of bans on the use of foreign law are likely to be small – but the costs could be grave,” contends Eugene Volokh, who currently teaches at UCLA School of Law and was a former clerk for Justice Sandra Day O’Connor on the U. S. Supreme Court. In the article “Why do American courts use foreign law in family law cases,” Volokh says, “Foreign law is routinely used in American courts, but in everyday cases applying existing American law legal rules related to family law, contract law, tort law, evidence law, and the like.” “Those American legal rules


Tips for giving your divorce or family law deposition

One of the tools for discovery in a divorce is the use of depositions. A deposition is your testimony, under oath. You will be sworn in and will truthfully answer questions asked by the opposing attorney. The questions and answers will be recorded by a court reporter. In fact, the testimony given in a deposition is similar to testimony given in the courtroom except a judge does not preside in the case of a deposition. The purpose of a fact-finding deposition is: 1) to determine what your story is and your knowledge of the facts in regard to the divorce;


Mark Sanford’s Super Bowl saga illustrates important family court lesson

During the Super Bowl last year, former governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, got himself into some trouble with his ex-wife, Jenny Sanford, and the court. Jenny’s attorney alleged in documents that his client found her ex-husband, Mark, leaving her house through the back door on the day of the Super Bowl.  He was apparently using his cell phone as a flashlight at the time he was caught. Sanford went to the house of his ex-wife to watch the Super Bowl with his son.  Sanford admitted, “I did indeed watch the second half of the Super Bowl at the beach


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