Arnold, Missouri Adoption Lawyers in Jefferson County

Arnold, Missouri Adoption Lawyers in Jefferson County

Many children are without a parent for a variety of reasons, but in the end, they need someone who can care for them and give the attention and financial support they need to thrive. If you are up against any situation that calls for solid legal counsel on adoption, please contact the Stange Law Firm, PC. We know the law and understand first-hand how the adoption system works.

Our attorneys focus exclusively on family law and are familiar with the local courts. They have handled many cases of adoption and have the knowledge and experience to listen to your concerns. The adoption process can be heart-wrenching but you can rest assured that at the Stange Law Firm, PC, you will receive counsel through every step.

We can also help you in stepparent adoption proceedings. We have experience helping stepparents adopt. We also have experience helping biological parent contest stepparent adoptions where warranted.

Adopting a child is a very big decision and should be very well thought out. If you have adopted a child or are thinking about adopting, we have articles that might help: How expensive is the adoption process?, Fathers' Rights on display in state's recent adoption law change and Adoptive parents given custody in baby Veronica case. You can also listen to our podcast titled: Why adoptions are often complex cases.

We als have a legal summary on the issue that might help you understand the topic more: Adoption and surrogacy agreements in a nutshell.

Practical, Assertive Action in the best interests of the Child and Financial Support in Arnold, Missouri in Jefferson County

We are extremely serious when it comes to adoption. The law takes into consideration "the best interest of the child" with issues of child custody. Our attorneys are ready to take the actions necessary to uphold this law. Finances are another important part of raising children in which we take a practical approach in cases of adoption. Grandparents or others wanting to adopt a child should be able to make important decisions and have access to child support and take advantage of tax deductions, when appropriate and possible.

Every adoption case is unique and is handled on a case-by-case basis. At the Stange Law Firm, PC, you will be treated with individual care and respect. To read more on this topic, you can read our article titled: Missouri Legal Summary on Adoptions.

Handling Adoptions in Arnold, Missouri

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