Family Law Seminars

Stange Law Firm, PC is constantly striving to educate the residents of Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma on relevant family law matters. The attorneys at the firm have hosted different seminars, ranging from "Divorce 101" and "Unmarried Fathers and Fathers-To-Be" for the residents of both Missouri, Illinois and Kansa. Above is a clip from a Divorce 101 Seminar held in 2014.

These seminars are meant to be a free educational tool for local residents to learn how to protect their rights and have their questions answered at no cost to them.

In 2017, Stange Law Firm, PC will be hosting Divorce 101 Seminars in Missouri, Illinois and Kansas on September 12 (Kansas law), 13 (Illinois law) and 14 (Missouri law). The seminars will be held on Youtube Live at 6:00 p.m. CDT, allowing individuals to view the seminar from the comfort of their own home. The seminar itself will last about an hour. During the Youtube Live event, there will be a live feed for individuals to ask questions that can be answered at the end of the seminar.

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To receive more information about upcoming Stange Law Firm seminars, please give our lawyers a call or send us a message online.