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Property division is a complex process in any divorce proceeding, but when the divorce involves highly compensated executives or business owners, there can be a whole new set of issues that need to be addressed. In situations like these, it is important to have a St. Louis complex property distribution attorney with the ability to properly handle your case.

At Stange Law Firm, PC, we represent clients throughout Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma in all types of complex property division matters. We understand your unique concerns with regard to preserving property rights, and we have the experience to help you reach the most favorable outcome available in your case.

The Right Experience for Your Case

Our lawyers have extensive experience with these matters. We can help you successfully resolve complex marital estates involving privately owned businesses, executive compensation packages that include diverse stock option, pension and other considerations, property purchased with funds from an inheritance and many other issues.

We have access to financial specialists, business valuation experts and other skilled professionals who can help us to gain an accurate financial picture to ensure that an equitable division of the assets is made. No matter how complex the property distribution proceeding might be, we are committed to helping couples negotiate a fair settlement without the need for litigation. We are fully prepared to go to court, however, in order to protect your interests.

We have written an article on the topic to help give you a better understanding of complex property distribution: Missouri divorce: Dividing large assets requires proper planning.

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