Investment Accounts

You work hard all of your life. You know you are a contributing member of your marriage and you deserve a fair, equitable distribution of marital investment accounts. It's natural to be concerned about losing your rights when your spouse fights aggressively to claim too much.

At Stange Law Firm, PC, we understand your concerns about moving on with your life without forfeiting your financial future when a marital breakup is an unavoidable reality. We also know that for the long-term security of all members of a family (divorcing spouses and any children), care must be taken to handle investment accounts such as stocks, bonds and retirement savings correctly. It doesn't matter whether the investments stem from your or your spouse's employment, it is essential that all such assets be fully disclosed and accounted for in the divorce settlement agreement.

Dividing Investment Accounts

Contact the insightful lawyers at Stange Law Firm, PC, to discuss your high net worth or complex property division issues related to investment accounts, including:

  • Who contributed to the accounts, including pensions, IRA and 401(k) retirement plans?
  • What profit sharing plans or deferred compensation is included in your investments?
  • Did your spouse's marital contributions contribute to the increased value of investments?
  • How much has the investment account appreciated over time? What is the fair market value?
  • Was there a transmutation of financial assets? Did you commingle your separate assets with your marital assets?
  • What are the tax obligations and debts stemming from the investments?
  • Is real estate part of the investment portfolio?

Are Your Investments Joint Marital Property Or Separate Property?

Protecting your financial interests starts with characterizing your investment accounts and retirement savings as either marital property or separate property. I work with independent experts to ensure the assets are valued properly and fully disclosed to the courts. In cases where an investment account is characterized as separate property by a prenuptial agreement, the appreciated value and intangible contributions by the other spouse may be sought through litigation.

To read more about investment accounts in a divorce, you can read an article we have written titled: Weigh all options when dividing up investments in divorce.

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