Real Estate Appraisers

In any property division proceeding, one of the most important things that needs to be done is to determine an accurate value of the marital home. In the vast majority of cases, the house is the single largest asset that the family owns, and knowing exactly what the house is worth prior to the beginning of the proceeding is of critical importance.

Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma are equitable distribution states, which means that all marital property should be divided in a fair and equitable manner between the spouses. If one spouse gets the home, it can have a significant impact on how the rest of the property is distributed. By having an accurate value for the house, your attorney can be much more effective at protecting your interests through the rest of the process.

Seeking the Best Available Advice Regarding the Value of Your Home

Many lawyers are content to accept the information they find on the county assessor's website, which often varies greatly from the true value of your home. At Stange Law Firm, PC, we work with experienced real estate appraisers to give us an expert opinion on the actual value of the property.

We also handle property division matters involving commercial and agricultural properties. We have access to a broad network of appraisers who specialize in specific types of property and can help us to get an accurate value. No matter what type of property is involved, you can count on us to take the necessary steps to seek the best possible outcome for you.

To learn more about real estate appraisers during a divorce, we have written articles that may be of interest: Attacking Real Estate and Valuation Experts in Divorce.

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