Peoria, Illinois Guardianship Attorneys in Peoria County

Peoria, Illinois Guardianship Attorneys in Peoria County

Peoria, Illinois Guardianship Attorneys in Peoria County

Guardianship and Conservatorship Attorneys Serving Peoria, Illinois and Peoria County

At Stange Law Firm, PC we can assist individuals in Peoria, Illinois and Peoria County with guardianship and conservatorship matters from our nearby family law office in Bloomington, Illinois in McLean County. Representing guardians or potential wards in court-ordered guardianship proceedings, we have the knowledge and experience to protect our clients’ interests and accomplish their goals. Our firm focuses our practice solely on family law. This focus has allowed us to gain in-depth knowledge of the laws and local courts, which allows us to put our best foot forward for our clients. We offer competent and diligent service to our clients, including giving them the personal cell phone number of their attorney and providing clients with 24/7 access to their case file.

Peoria, Illinois and Peoria County Conservatorship Answers

Guardianships and conservatorships are legal protections intended for people who can no longer take care of their own affairs. They can be sought on behalf of people who are allegedly incompetent, addicted or disabled. They can also be sought on minors in certain situations. Once a guardianship or conservatorship is issued, a guardian controls and protects that person, or his or her assets. 
There are a number of circumstances where a guardianship or conservatorship may be appropriate, including the examples below:
  • A guardianship may be appropriate when an elderly person has reached the point where they are unable to care for themselves. In situations where this person has not already created a durable power of attorney or made other arrangements as part of an estate plan, a guardianship may be needed to ensure that the person is receiving proper care.
  • A conservatorship may be needed for a child who has received an inheritance or compensation for an accident, if the child’s parents are not able to properly manage the money.
  • A guardianship and conservatorship may be needed for a child with special needs when that child turns 18. These arrangements can ensure that a guardian or conservator can still make the necessary decisions regarding the child’s medical care and finances.
In order for a guardianship to be issued, it is usually necessary to go to court and to offer certain proof of incompetence. People seeking court-ordered guardianship must usually show documents like a physician’s statement and certain medical records to help make their case. Working with a Peoria, Illinois guardianship attorney at Stange Law Firm, PC can assure that all of the necessary documents and details are acquired and prepared.

Each Family is Different

Gaining control over a person’s finances or bills can bring peace of mind to many families. They are aware that their loved one is protected from being taken advantage of financially and they can rest easy knowing that the person will have help making difficult decisions that could endanger him or her. However, there can often be hostility and strife when families go through guardianship matters, especially when different family members are in disagreement about the steps that need to be taken. At Stange Law Firm, PC, we understand what families are dealing with. Our attorneys can work closely with you to make sure your rights and interests are being protected. A child’s guardian can become an important person in their life at any age. Here are some helpful articles pertaining to guardianship: Missouri Law Summary on Guardianships, Illinois Law Summary: Guardianships and Voluntary Relinquishment and Paul Walker’s Mother Petitions to Become Granddaughter’s Guardian. To learn more about the McLean County Family Court, please visit the following links:

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Are you looking to hire an knowledgeable family law attorney to help you with your guardianship matter? If so, schedule a confidential initial consultation appointment with one of our attorneys nearby Bloomington, Illinois guardianship attorneys by contacting us online. McLean County (Bloomington), IL Office: 309-807-4915 |1012 Ekstam Drive, Suite 4, Bloomington, IL 61704.


Representing Clients in Divorce & Family Matters

We also handle many other family law matters, including but not limited to:

Dissolution of Marriage
Unfortunately, there are times when a marriage is irretrievably broken and a divorce is the only option. We can help with your uncontested, contested, simple or complex divorce case.
Legal Separation
There are some instances where married parties are separated, but are unsure whether their marriage can be reconciled or may later need to be dissolved. We can help with a legal separation if this is the case.
In certain circumstances, a party may be able to seek an annulment if there are circumstances that led to a party being fraudulently induced into entering a marriage.
Family Law
Unfortunately, there are times when a marriage is irretrievably broken and a divorce is the only option. We can help with your uncontested, contested, simple or complex divorce case.
Collaborative Law/Mediation
If you are looking for an amicable resolution to your divorce or family law matter, we have attorneys who can help you with a collaborative family law case or mediation.
Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
These agreements help couples make critical decisions about their relationships, just in case. While prenuptial agreements are drafted before a marriage, postnuptial agreements are drafted during the marriage, usually when circumstances change.
Paternity Law/Mediation
With approximately forty-percent of all children being born out of wedlock, we represent numerous unmarried parents in child custody and child support disputes. These cases are the twenty-first century divorce and extremely common.
Guardianships and conservatorships
We also represent clients in matters of guardianships and conservatorships, helping them protect the people they love — especially when those people can no longer care for themselves. Our work in this area often involves people facing physical and mental illnesses, alcoholism and addiction.
Surrogacy Agreements
We can help clients negotiate surrogacy agreements, drafting and executing all related documents as well as resolving any conflicts that may arise.
Step-parent adoption
We represent parents in step-parent adoptions, which usually occur when a parent marries or remarries after the birth of a biological child. Step-parent adoptions help bring families closer together by creating a solid family unit.
Name Change
If you are seeking to legally change your name, we can help.
Orders of Protection
We can help you in legal proceedings involving restraining orders.
We are honored to represent clients who wish to adopt a child into their family.
Minor emancipation
In some cases, minors do best when they are given the rights and responsibilities of adults. We assist in minor emancipation, representing both teens and their parents.
Grandparents' rights
Lawyers at our firm also handle grandparents' rights issues such as child custody, guardianship and grandparent adoption.
We represent parties in appeals of adverse family court judgments, including divorce, child custody, child support, maintenance and grandparent visitation.
Child Support
We represent clients in matters involving child support.
Child Custody
We represent parents in child custody disputes.
Juvenile Matters
We represent parties in juvenile matters involving the Division of Family Law Services.
We assist clients in modifying prior child custody and child support judgments when the facts call for it.
We help clients in contempt of court matters as well as family access motions.
Military Divorce
We are proud to represent service members in divorce and family law matters.
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