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If you are an unmarried father or mother, you have rights and responsibilities as it relates to your children. At Stange Law Firm, PC in St. Charles, Missouri, we are dedicated to helping parents achieve the best possible results in paternity cases.

We represent unmarried parents in matters involving:

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Over the years, Stange Law Firm, PC has represented countless parents in custody, visitation and support matters in St. Charles County from fathers seeking custody rights to their children to mothers seeking financial help from the father. We are familiar with the judges and guardian ad litems and can help you put your best case forward. Stange Law Firm, PC understands the burdens and special concerns of unmarried parents, and will work diligently to achieve a fair resolution to your case.

Six attorneys at Stange Law Firm, PC have been named Rising Stars by Super Lawyer Magazine in Missouri and Kansas. Founding Partners, Kirk and Paola Stange, were two of those five. Partner, John Kershman also received the award. Many attorneys are also Lead Counsel Rated for Divorce and Family Law. You can read their individual biographies for the list of awards.

Stange Law Firm, PC will meticulously review the facts and issues in your case. We will explain the law as it affects your rights and responsibilities, providing you with an understanding of the legal process and what you might expect.

  • By state statute, courts in Missouri always base their decisions on what they perceive to be the "best interest" of the children. Stange Law Firm, PC represents unmarried fathers seeking to obtain custody and parenting time, as well as mothers wishing to retain or alter existing custody and visitation arrangements.
  • Our firm can represent you in child support cases to determine whether a parent should be required to provide support or to obtain a modification in an existing child support order pursuant to the Form 14.

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